WordPress Login Page – WordPress In Pictures

Default WordPress Login Page with 7 key items numbered

The above image is a 150% zoom of the WordPress login page, as it is by default, with numbers 1 through 7 near each of the 7 elements of the login page. Below we have a text-based explanation of each of the 7 areas below.

WordPress Login Page Pieces Explained

  1. The login page logo, which defaults to the WordPress Logo
  2. The input for the username (or email address). Default is to accept either
  3. The input for the password. The eye icon allows for revealing or hiding the input
  4. The remember me checkbox option, defaults to unchecked.
    2 days if unchecked, 14 days if checked are the defaults
  5. Login submit button
  6. Link to Lost Password page
  7. Link to return to site homepage

We can modify each of these 7 areas. In fact, we can modified every aspect of the login page, including the defaults light grey background. In further training, we will look at how to make changes to the login page. This will include both code for areas to target, as well stylesheet targeting. There are also WordPress Plugins for making changes to the login page.