Change Domain Name Servers with GoDaddy

From, click Sign In near the right on the top bar. Then click Sign In on the dropdown menu that appears.

While the typical method for sign in will be the customer name (or account number) and password, GoDaddy also allows Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google sign in options. If using the typical method, sign in to the account with the accounts username and password and click Sign in.

On the Welcome page, locate Domains in the box on the far right and click it to open a list of domains.

Within the list of domains, locate the domain you wish to change the domain name servers. Click the domain name to open the Domain Overview.

On the Domain Overview page, click the DNS tab. This is where we will change the Domain Name Servers.

The DNS page will default to DNS Records. We want to change the Nameserver, so click Nameservers.

On the Nameservers page under DNS, you will see the current Domain Name Servers. Here we are using existing custom name servers, but you might also see GoDaddy name servers if currently using GoDaddy hosting services. Click Change Nameservers.

You will be provided with boxes to fill in the new nameservers. A minimum of 2 nameservers are required, but if you were provided with more than 2 and only see 2 boxes, click the + sign below the inputs and you will be provided an additional box. Click the plus for as many boxes as needed. Once all name servers have been entered, click Save. Provided you entered the name servers correctly and they have been registered by your hosting provider, the name server should be updated.