Training Arm of MannWD

The training arm of Michael Mann Web Design is growing. In the past, I operated under two distinct sites: WPbyMe and OS4Me. One was for WordPress based training and the other for all things Open Source Software related.

Frugal Web Guy

Then a switch to a new brand came about in 2014-2015 to Frugal Web Guy. This new arm engulfed WPbyMe and expanded the mission beyond text based training into more video based training. The second half of 2016 will see the frugal brand overtaking the OS4Me brand as well. A new hub for all educational opportunities will be built over the next few weeks over at It is my hope to take training for WordPress and the various Open Source Software to the next level, providing some of the very best in the industry.

Hope you will come along for the ride, as I woke to educate the next generation of Web Professionals.