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My Simple Space Plugin Banner

My Simple Space

Currently in it's 28th release, My Simple space shows where the where space for your site is being utilized. The plugin creates a simple widget in the WordPress Dashboard with the following information:

  • PHP Version
  • Memory (Both total setup for your site and currently used)
  • Database size
  • Entire site size
  • The size of wp-content, as well as breakdown of plugins, themes, and uploads
  • wp-admin size
  • wp-includes size

While the plugin is seen as no-frills, meaning no setting to choose what gets shown, removing, moving around in the widget, or adding other places to track, the plugin does exactly what it was intended to do, provide a simple site space usage widget.

Download My Simple Space from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Active installations: 5000+
Downloads: 48,810

Stats last checked February 28, 2022

Simple Site Verify Plugin Banner

Simple Site Verify

Currently in it's 6th release, Simple Site Verify works to place the code for verifying your site with Google Webmaster, Bing Webmaster, Pinterest, Google Analytics, and Yandex. Additionally, it places the code necessary to track activity on your site through Google Analytics. Simple past is the unique portion of the code provided by each of these services, specified within the plugin settings page, and the plugin will fill in the entire code needed on your site, without you needing to touch a bit of code. And this plugin works across themes, through the use of standard functions built into the core of WordPress.

Download Simple Site Verify from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Active Installations: 1000+
Downloads: 6,991

Stats last checked February 28, 2022