Helpful Tools

Open Source Software

As someone who relies heavily on Free & Open Source Software (FOSS), here are some of the software packages I use and recommend others check out, whether or not you are on a tight budget or not. While these will have a learning curve, as would any new software you might be unfamiliar with, once you learn to use it, you will fly through your projects in no time.

GIMP (Photo Editor)


Inkscape (Vector Graphics)

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LibreOffice (Office Suite)

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Audacity (Audio Editor)

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Web Tools

Here you will find a curated list of helpful tools to do various things with your site. None of these are paid affiliate links, but simply tools I have either discovered or have been brought to my attention I feel might be helpful to you as well.


Canva allows for creating graphics online, with many options available for free. Canva does also offer paid packages which provide additional features.


Anytime you make hosting changes in your site's domain name system (DNS) there may be time needed to help visitors see those changes. This is called propagation. DNSMap provides an easy to use web interface to check for you. Just type in your site's URL and click Check DNS propagation.


A valuable tool for keyword research use data from Google. Great tool for finding out what people are looking for, especially if you create content designed to answer those questions people have. Best of all, it's free to use.

Get Emoji

Need emoji's? Why not use a copy & paste source like


Social Media Templates

In-house created templates for social media use, provided in SVG format, you can use free of charge. Works great in Inkscape.