Member Area Development

Combining two web sites, each with their own "member" area, one for clients of the web services provided and one for training resources is a bit of work. The framework for the training and resources are in place now, while the client section is fully built out to resemble it's previous incarnation. Both are accessible through the Member Area, a link at the top of the site only accessible by those with permission to access that area. This custom built area, combine both aspects is coming together nicely so far.

What's To Come

The framework for member access is built upon two plugins: s2Member Pro for the payment portion & managing access to training and resources, and Simple Client Records, a custom built plugin to allow for entering a list of site updates (plugin, theme and core updates in its present form), so clients can see what what and when updates happened on their site.

In the future, the hope is to expand on what is shown to clients, to allow for more than just the basic update information. Additionally, an expansion on what is available for training and resources. To find out just what and when those updates drop, stay tuned or sign up for updates.