Get Started

Welcome to the Get Started page of I Do Web Work. This is a page all Websites should have to guide you, the site visitor, to what is important for you to see. This page should be free of unnecessary fluff.

Web Development and Maintenance Services

The Web Development and Maintenance services provided by I Do Web Work are all provided in-house by owner Michael Mann and never outsourced. This ensures you have access to a single point and that your data is not shared with others. Site backup services use the WordPress Updraft Plus plugin and stored in-house. This keeps down the cost of backup storage to clients and allows for those fees to be included within monthly support fees.

Royalty Free Resources


In-house created graphics which can be used within your site or elsewhere as desired. These resources are provided in PNG format for anyone and in SVG format for site members. The recommended software for Working with SVG files is Inkscape, as it is what these files were created under as well as Free and Open Source across Operating Systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OS.


Optimized from photos taken by Michael Mann, Owner of I Do Web Work. As these are self taken, this allows for these photos to available without the overreaching & restrictive licensing and fees of large photo repository sources. Rather than paying per image, with restrictions and license upgrades, all photos here are available to use as you wish under the same annual plan with all other resources.

Photos are available in a smaller 640x480 pixels format, without watermark to everyone and a larger 1920x1080 pixel format for site members.


Training items here are available in both text and video formats, with all videos closed captioned. This manually closed captioning is unique to I Do Web Work, as you can see by looking at WordPress Training anywhere on the web. At best elsewhere you might fight auto generated captions, which simply don't offer the level of accessibility videos should have. Not only that, but the training here gets right to the point on the topic and have zero fluff.