Facebook Page Cover Graphic

Facebook pages are an amazing business tool. If your business has a page on Facebook, how does your Facebook page cover graphic look on mobile? Some business pages are missing out on optimizing across platforms. Each part of Facebook offers a different optimized size, with page covers size being:

  • 1200 pixels wide by 675 pixels tall on the Desktop
  • 1200 pixels wide by 457 pixels tall on the Mobile
Facebook Page Cover Graphic Size

Facebook Page Cover Graphic Space

The above graphics shows the space each platform uses. The larger desktop area provides a great place for adding a background image or color. The mobile area also known as "safe space" across platform, is great for text or graphics. Let us look at a real world example.

Michael Mann Web Design & Development Facebook Page Cover Graphic

The background, or desktop area, contains the content area of the WordPress page or post. Over the content area is a transparent blueish cover color. In the front, in the mobile space, is the new logo and what I do. Want access to the SVG template I use? Here you go.

Facebook Page Cover SVG