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Build Your Own Site with the Help of a Web Developer

Building your own web site can be frustrating. With membership to I Do Web Work, you will get the training and other resources necessary to build your own web site. And you will also have access to a professional Web Developer, should you need it. Let's take a look at all that comes with membership.

Video Based Training

Video Training

You will have access to a collection of carefully crafted video-based training series covering various aspects of web site design & development to aid you on your journey to creating beautiful and functional web sites.

Royalty Free Photos

Royalty Free Photos

Gain access to hundreds of royalty free photos personally taken by me, provided under a loose Creative Commons License. I do my best to mark photos which might have copyrighted items within, but all photos have been taken by me on my own time.

Royalty Free Graphics

Royalty Free Graphics

Creating simple, yet usable graphics, created as vectors (SVGs), is a passion I have. Three of those vector images were used to create the graphic above: checked background and the two different life preserver images in the bottom left and top right corners.

Mobile First WordPress Theme

My Simple Theme is developed in a mobile first manner, which helps your site shine where most may been looking for you, the device in their pocket or purse. In fact, this site is built using My Simple Theme.

WordPress Plugins

I Do Web Work creates plugins you might not find elsewhere. This includes two available in the WordPress.org directory, My Simple Space, which provides a breakdown of space usage on your site.

Access to A Professional Web Designer / Developer

With more than 20 years of experience, helping clients across the globe with their site, you will have me available to assist you. You won't have to take this journey alone. Feel free to ask your questions or ask for assistance on getting things to work.

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